You can reply with ni hao for slightly fun and follow. If you have any comments or questions about any of the Chinese greetings we mentioned within the article, please feel free to leave your messages below. This is commonly used as a pleasantry when passing an acquaintance or neighbor. It’s probably not a query, only a greeting, which could have a brief response.

hello in chinese

It’s additionally a casual, considerably playful greeting. Most commonly, it’s used by younger urbanites each in particular person and occasionally online to deal with their friends. This greeting is less commonly used than you may think, nevertheless.

下午好。 Xiàwǔ Hǎo

A good rule of thumb is greater than per week, ideally longer. As in English, you’d use this phrase to begin a dialog with an old friend or someone you haven’t seen shortly. This phrase actually means “Do you wish to go out to play? ” If someone asks you this, don’t be too shocked. They are actually not asking you when you’re going out to play, but rather to see the place you’re going.

One of the first words you’ll be taught when finding out Chinese is 你好 (nǐ hǎo), which accurately means “you good”. FluentU’s Learn Mode turns every video right into a language learning lesson. You can all the time swipe left or proper to see more examples for the word you are studying.

Chinese Greetings That May Make You Sound Like A Local

Even in English, when you consider it, we hardly ever ask ‘How are you? Use this software to add tone marks to pinyin or to transform tone number (e.g. hao3) to tone marks. By clicking Join Now, you conform to our Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and to obtain our e mail communications, which you will opt out at any time.

  • If a person asks you how you could have been, it’s not an invite to dissect on private details.
  • Another frequent pattern used to create greetings is to include the time of day if you’re meeting the particular person you want to greet, adopted by 好.
  • To acquire valuable practice with Chinese greetings in context, try FluentU.
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  • In formal situations, “您好” is used when addressing an elder particular person or a person at a higher rank.

FluentU takes actual-world movies—like music movies, film trailers, information and inspiring talks—and turns them into customized language learning lessons. 你好 will be the most used expression to say hiya in Chinese however they are loads of other methods to greet someone like a local Chinese. Learn the thirteen expressions supplied in this list and also you’ll be capable of change your lingo and adapt in numerous conditions identical to an actual language chameleon. You can learn all these expressions and follow themon Ninchanese so you’ll never forget about them.