Tips On How To Use The Spanish Word ‘mismo’
Lo mismo would discuss with an idea or factor or a comparison to one thing within the present context. As in your second example, on this case “lo mismo” means not “the identical factor” but “the same type of thing”. The point here is to emphasise that the medicine being bought is definitely the identical product as elsewhere. If you said “igual pero más barato”, it would sound such as you’re promoting cheaper copies of costlier drugs.

2 meritorious, worthwhile, estimable, excellent, exemplary, righteous, upright, honorable.

Dictionary apps Browse our dictionary apps right now and ensure you might be by no means again lost for phrases. When used to mean “identical,” mismo comes earlier than the noun in refers to. Yes, there are lots of words in both English and Spanish that mean one factor in isolation and something else together with another. For example “que” means “that” however in the phrase “tengo que” it means “I actually have to” and in “lo que” it means “what” or “no matter”. So, we always need to consider how phrases behave in insolation and how they behave in phrases.

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He also performed as visitor segment host on several occasions in the course of the first two weeks of the season. After an intensive assessment involving all of the project heads and coordinators, the show underwent a major restructuring during this era, and the present segments were established. Some of the modifications included shortening the sections and expanding the scope of this system. Covering various topics, the one-hour program was divided into 12 segments. The scholars have been additionally given an option to interview personalities exterior the studio, which were edited in during taping.
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Fundación Santiago head Molina announced in February 2009 that APC prolonged the project for a fifth season, the place previous students would be returning to finish the solid. The ultimate season started production on March 1, 2009 and ended six months later. Debuting as a brand new phase this season, Voces, which suggests “voices” in English, included common interviews that includes Spanish-speaking personalities within the Philippines.

Because of those innovations, there was a need to record new phase introductions, for which Molina’s and Rodriguez’s voices were used. The program additionally premiered in Zamboanga City after its launching on September 6, 2007, with Lucena and Molina as project representatives. A scholar might only be granted a scholarship as soon as and couldn’t reapply. Thus, there have been no repeaters in the middle of the original two-12 months program. Its first component, a scholarship program called “Curso Teórico-Práctico del Periodismo Radiofónico”, was targeted to develop the skills of Filipino mass media practitioners and students. It originally ran for 2 years, from March 19, 2007 to March 1, 2009, and was divided into four semesters, every lasting six months, or a credit score of 432 hours.

APC’s José Lorenzo Benitez carried out the training from August 26 to 29. The new set of hosts was introduced in the September eight, 2008 broadcast. The program led to March 2009 when the fourth season aired its last week-lengthy presentation.

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Note that phrases similar to “myself” in the second example above merely adds emphasis. This is completely different than in a sentence similar to “I harm myself,” where “myself” is a reflexive pronoun, a sort of direct object. My Dominican pal mentioned it means “right now” my Puerto Rican girlfriend says it means “quickly”.